Energy Technology Pilot Partnerships 
Another activity undertaken by the Green Team is to act as a test bed for emerging energy technologies, especially for firms located in Oakland County.  In this effort we evaluate new technologies and where practical, place the technology into one of our buildings or facilities as a pilot program.  Emerging technology firms work with Facilities Management, offering product at no or low cost, and in turn we provide real time feedback on the operation and efficiency of the technology. 

One such partnership involves LED lighting retrofits for fluorescent tubes.  Working with Iumisys, headquartered in Oakland County, the Green Team purchased a number of LED bulbs which directly replace standard office fluorescent tubes.  Iumisys partnered with Oakland County by providing a number of the LED tubes at no cost.  The Green Team installed the LED replacement tubes in the Facilities Management Conference Room, but in only 1/2 of the room, so they could be compared to the standard fluorescent tubes in the other half of the room.  Reaction to the LEDs has been quite favorable, and while the cost of LED technology remains higher than conventional fluorescent lighting, we believe the day is coming soon when LED will become a practical alternative in many applications.