Green Team LogoThe Facilities Management Green Team was established in 2008 to evaluate energy usage throughout the buildings and facilities operated by the department. The team actively looks for new methods and technologies to implement that will improve energy efficiencies, cut costs, and preserve our natural resources.

Projects & Partnerships:

Energy Management Procedures
Outlines Facilities Management's responsibilities and operational requirements our energy users are to follow in order to save energy throughout our operations. Please view the Department of Facilities Management 'Energy Management Procedures' document.

Energy Technology Pilot Partnerships
Another activity undertaken by the Green Team is to act as a test bed for emerging energy technologies, especially for firms located in Oakland County.  In this effort, we evaluate new technologies and where practical, place the technology into one of our buildings or facilities as a pilot program, and in turn provide real time feedback on the operation and efficiency of the technology. Learn more...


Office Paper Recycling  Facilities Management has been recycling waste office paper generated in County buildings and facilities for over 20 years.   For much of that time that waste paper has gone to Royal Oak Recycling, who is one of the largest independent recyclers in the Midwest.  Their processing facility in Royal Oak Michigan has one of the largest and fastest shredding and baling machines in the country.  

Facilities Management has had a successful recycling program because of the commitment of County employees to set aside their office paper waste in special containers provided by Royal Oak Recycling.