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Where is the County campus located?,

The main campus is located at 1200 N. Telegraph Road between M-59 (Huron) and Dixie Highway; however, Oakland County also has facilities in numerous locations through out the County.  Please select the name of the department from our directory

How can I do business with Facilities Management?,

Registration to do business with Oakland County is through the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network System (MITN).  MITN is a group of agencies that have joined forces to create a Regional Bid Notification System to notify companies of new bid opportunities.

For additional vendor information, please visit Oakland County Purchasing Division’s website

How do I get a building permit and licenses?,

Building permits and licenses are the responsibility of local communities. Please select the name of the city, village or township in which you are interested in securing a permit or license from and contact their office.

Issues with wells and swimming pools?,

Please contact the Environmental Health Services (EHS) unit of the Health Division.  This unit administers a number of programs and services to help protect health through the promotion of environmentally sound practices.

Issues with storm sewers and sanitary sewers?,

Follow the link to a listing of individual cities, townships, and villages and select the community you live in: 

View Community List

Are the road frost laws in effect?,

For maintenance issues related to state or county roads, contact the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC).  You can phone the RCOC toll free at 877-858-4804, or send an email.

For questions or issues related to a city or village street, contact your local community.  If you're not sure who has jurisdiction over a particular road, contact the Road Commission for Oakland County and you will be directed to the appropriate authority. 

How do I report a maintenance, custodial or grounds complaint for a County facility?,

Please contact us via phone or e-mail. 

How do I reserve a County facility for meetings?,

​See the attached forms for procedures and to apply for use

EOB Conf Rms Procedures.pdf
Agreement for the use of the Conference Center
Temporary Use Permit

Where can i find information on the County Cemetery?,

Click here for the County Cemetery webpage​

How do I inquire about employment with Facilities?,

​Click here to view the current job openings for the County.