Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant

In November 2009 the Department of Energy awarded Oakland County $4,879,700 from the Federal Recovery Act of 2009.  The money comes in the form of an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant specifically designed to assist the County in reducing energy consumption in County owned buildings and facilities.  The grant is for three years, and over this time the County will, with the assistance of outside consultants and contractors, perform a number of energy audits and perform building retrofits at several buildings to improve energy efficiency.  A portion of the grant will also fund alternative energy projects at the new Oakland County International Airport general aviation terminal building.  Please click on this EECBG link for more information about the grant and the activities it is funding.

The 2009 American Recovery Act and the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program require public transparency.  Reports are filed with the Federal Office of Management and Budget and with the Department of Energy on a monthly and quarterly basis.  Copies of these reports are available below.  Requests for additional information can be made in writing by contacting Facilities Management at



Baseline Reports 4th Quarter 2009 1st Quarter 2010

Activity Worksheet 
Strategy Report 

Financial Report 2009 4.pdfFinancial Report 2009 4.pdf 
Performance Report 2009 4.pdfPerformance Report 2009 4.pdf

 Financial Report 2010 1.pdf

Performance Report 2010 1.pdfPerformance Report 2010 1.pdf


2nd Quarter 2010 3rd Quarter 2010 4th Quarter 2010

Financial Report 2010 2.pdf
Performance Report 2010 2.pdfPerformance Report 2010 2.pdf 

Financial Report 2010 3.pdfFinancial Report 2010 3.pdf
Performance Report 2010 3.pdfPerformance Report 2010 3.pdf 

Financial Report 2010 4.pdfFinancial Report 2010 4.pdf

Performance Report 2010 4.pdfPerformance Report 2010 4.pdf