Facilities Maintenance & Operations Units
Oakland County, MichiganFacilities ManagementFacilities Maintenance & Operations Units

Facilities Maintenance & Operations Units

Oakkland County FacilitiesAdministration
The administration unit oversees long and short-term planning, financial management, communications, computer applications, space allocation, personnel matters, operating procedures, technical support, purchasing, and clerical functions to support other FM&O Divisional units.

Building Maintenance & Architectural
The FM&O Maintenance & Operations unit has responsibility for the day to day operations, maintenance, repair, and alteration of the County’s structural, mechanical, electrical, and architectural infrastructure in all County-owned facilities. In addition to the general office requirements, specialty environments for large computer operation centers, Medical Examiner autopsy functions, kitchen services, crime labs, gun ranges, and medical unit requirements fall under the control of this unit.

Building Safety
The Building Safety unit provides building security for over 40 County facilities.  Their responsibilities include routine after-hours inspections and alarm monitoring of fire, security, and equipment on a 24-hour, seven day-a-week basis.  Nearly 3000 alarm points, 640 card access readers, and 585 CCTV cameras are administered and maintained by the unit.  A 24-hour centralized control center is staffed for reporting of facility-related problems, alarm monitoring, and dispatching of appropriate personnel.  The unit also oversees the opening and closing of all County buildings on a daily basis, along with the raising and lowering of all flags.  Building Safety also handles:

  • Submission of safety issues (contact information, email), maintenance of 
  • Emergency contact numbers and names by facility, and implementation of the 
  • Facilities Management Emergency Response Plan.

Grounds Maintenance
The Grounds Maintenance unit in FM&O oversees the maintenance and landscape construction on the Service Center grounds and the County’s outlying facilities, including lawns and irrigation systems, snow removal, on-site composting and brush / tree chipping, pest control, signage, and minor asphalt repair.

The Custodial Unit is responsible for the cleaning of facilities on and off of the Service Center, including floors, waste management, doors and window washing services, and recycling.  Custodial services are provided by both County employees and contractors.

Central Heating
On a 24/7 basis, Central Heating operates, performs preventive maintenance, and make necessary repairs to the high-pressure steam boilers that provide heating, cooling, and hot water to 15 campus buildings, including the Courthouse and Law Enforcement Complex.  Central Heating also performs preventive maintenance and necessary repairs to 1.3 miles of underground steam tunnels and the steam utilities that contain the steam distribution network and condensate return piping.

Building Utility Systems
The Building Utility Systems unit monitors the purchase, distribution, cost accounting, and system maintenance of all gas, electric, steam, water, and sewer utility service to the County. Conservation efforts include improved efficiency of building HVAC, lighting, and equipment; the education of both facilities and user staff; and support of the Green Team and the County's Energy Management Procedure's.