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State of the County Remarks

Patterson Defends SMART Act 196 Taxing Authority Opt-Out Communities

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson says he will protect Oakland County's SMART Act 196 Taxing Authority opt-out communities against a Wayne County-Detroit-Washtenaw County money grab. Patterson proposed a $1.2 billion plan that includes only Oakland County's SMART Act 196 Taxing Authority opt-in communities, but those across 8 Mile Road rejected it because they want over a half-billion additional Oakland County taxpayer dollars.

"I want you to know that as long as I'm County Executive, I will respect the wishes of the voters of the select nine Oakland County opt-out communities. I will not betray them and slip some, or all of them, against their will, into a tax machine from which they can expect little or no return on their investment. They're asking me to betray my constituents, violate my oath of office, and overnight become a regional taxing icon. I can't do it. I won't do it. And I will never ever betray the public that I respect and represent."

Read thescript or view the video below from Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson's 2018 State of the County speech where he outlines how Oakland County's SMART Act 196 Taxing Authority opt-in communities have paid over $100 million more than all of Wayne County toward SMART.