Welcoming Week in Oakland County

Creating Home Together

Saturday, September 12– Sunday, September 20, 2020

Welcoming Week is a time to come together to celebrate the wonderful things that each of our different cultures and backgrounds bring to the community. Oakland County is pleased to join the celebration with other communities all over America. 

Traditionally, Welcoming Week is marked by in-person events with songs, dance, and food from around the world, or perhaps a community storytelling event where foreign-born residents and long-time residents can share what brings them together. As with so many things during this pandemic, the Welcoming Oakland Welcoming Week plans adjusted.

Virtual Storytelling Event - September 17

We are pleased to offer a virtual Creating Home Together storytelling event on Thursday, September 17th at 5:00pm. Join a panel of individuals who will tell us their story of Creating Home in Oakland County in a lightly moderated Zoom event.

The theme of Creating Home Together is particularly poignant this year as we all struggle to define what home means to us under increasing COVID-19 restrictions and deepening political divides. For Welcoming Oakland, Creating Home Together is to create an environment where everyone feels they belong and they are safe, no matter where they are or where they are from because each of us has a stake in the future of Oakland County. Panelists include:

  • David Coulter, Oakland County Executive
  • Padma Kupa, Michigan State Representative 
  • Ricky Dong, CEO, 168 Group 
  • Kattie Romero-Otero, MSU Mechanical Engineering student 

Please register at Eventbrite and a secure Zoom link will be emailed to you so you can join the event on September 17.

History of Welcoming Week in Oakland County

As a member of Welcoming America, Oakland County is participating in a movement of inclusive communities around the United States that believes when everyone feels safe and that they belong, then the community is more prosperous.  

In April 2019, Commissioner William Miller delivered the very first Welcoming Resolution to the Oakland County Board of Commissioners.  This was a pivotal moment because it kicked off what was to become Welcoming Oakland, a consortium of agencies and organizations that operate in the immigrant and refugee space within the County.  In early 2020, County Executive David Coulter directed the county to become a member of Welcoming America.

Welcoming Oakland's roadmap for the county includes participation in Resilience and Emergency Management for Inclusive Communities seminars; working to fill food security needs in immigrant communities; translation assistance; and connecting immigrants in need with much-needed services available in the county.

The roadmap to a more inclusive, welcoming, and safe Oakland County with access and open doors for everyone is never far from our hearts.Welcoming Oakland Committee

Welcoming Oakland Members

Since the inception of Welcoming Oakland, the following organizations have lent their mindpower, their manpower, their expertise, and their compassion to our endeavor.  We are grateful to them for not only participating in but truly living the concept of welcoming through their work in Oakland County.

Welcoming Oakland Contact: Melanie Grund, Office of Oakland County Executive Community Outreach, grundm@oakgov.com or 248.858.0152