Oakland County, Michigan/County Executive/Oakland County Executive and Administrative Staff

Oakland County Executive and Administrative Staff

L. Brooks Patterson County Executive
Gerald D. Poisson Chief Deputy County Executive
Robert J. Daddow Deputy County Executive
Phil Bertolini Deputy County Executive, Chief Information Officer
Malcolm Brown
Tim Meyer
Deputy County Executive
Deputy County Executive
Kelly SlevaCounty Executive Assistant (Phone: 248-858-5400)


J. David VanderVeen, DirectorCentral Services
Joellen Shortley
Corporation Counsel
Michael McCready, Director Economic Development and Community Affairs 
Wm. Art Holdsworth, Director Facilities Management 
Jordie Kramer, Director Human Resources
Kathy Forzley, Director
Health and Human Services 
Michael Timm, Director Information Technology 
Laurie Van Pelt, Director Management and Budget 
Bill Mullan, Media and Communications OfficerOffice of  Media & Communications
Mark Newman, DirectorPublic Services
Dean Schultz, DirectorRisk Management