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Matthew Gibb, Deputy Oakland County Executive

Matthew Gibb

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson appointed Matthew A. Gibb Deputy County Executive in May 2011. Mr. Gibb's appointment came following his very productive work as Supervisor of the Charter Township of Orion.  Mr. Gibb oversees all aspects of Economic Development and Community Affairs for Oakland County including the County's role in planning, business recruiting and retention, access to services / information, marketing, grant funding, home assistance programming, workforce development, and a variety of related issues and divisions. Mr. Gibb sits on the Board of Automation Alley, the Budget Task Force, and is a direct liaison for the Oakland Business Roundtable and its committees.

From 1993 through 2008 Mr. Gibb was an active land use and litigation attorney with significant responsibilities in zoning and governmental approvals. Throughout much of the 1990's he represented the cellular industry learning the ropes of complex and controversial land use process, politics and approval. Mr. Gibb has a unique understanding of the barriers often placed by government process and the amicable dissolution of those impediments to timely decisions and growth. He has been recognized  by Chamber's of Commerce and non profit assistance organizations for his exceptional leadership, and he remains active in those organizations.

In 2008 Mr. Gibb was elected Supervisor in Orion Township, Michigan.  In his short time as the Chief legal and administrative officer, Mr. Gibb was instrumental in coordinating the re-opening of GM's Orion Assembly Plant and the expansion or placement of dozens of businesses in the face of economic decline. Through the use of multi-year budgeting, expedited planning review, pre-determined zoning and tax allocations, and a variety of other aggressive leadership tactics Mr. Gibb transformed Orion into a modern representation of its historical roots.

Mr. Gibb obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Alma College in 1990 and a Juris Doctorate from University of Kentucky in 1993. He lives in Lake Orion with his wife Debbie, and children, Emma, Megan and Ian.

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