Welcoming Week: Belonging Begins With Us

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Belonging Begins With Us

Saturday, September 10– Sunday, September 19, 2021

Please join Oakland County for a Welcoming Week celebration as we honor the vast array of cultures that make up the rich fabric of our communities. Whether it’s starting a new job, changing schools, or neighborhoods, we’ve all had moments where we felt like we didn’t belong. For people who moved to this country, this experience can last more than a moment. From language barriers to cultural differences, feeling excluded can take years to overcome. But because we all know how it feels to be excluded, we also know how to ensure others belong. When that happens, communities can fully harness the strengths, talents, and contributions of each person to build shared prosperity.

Welcoming Week is a time to come together to celebrate the wonderful things that each of our different cultures and backgrounds bring to the community. Oakland County, a member of Welcoming America, is pleased to join the celebration with other Welcoming Communities across the country as we reflect on what the theme of Belonging Begins with Us means.

Oakland County Welcoming Week Celebration

Friday, September 17th

We are excited to hold an in-person, event outside this year at Rahma Worldwide, 31333 Southfield Road, Beverly Hills, 48025. This refugee services centered event will include representatives from agencies and county departments that work with community members. Representatives include Oakland County Workforce Development, Rahma Worldwide, Oakland County Board of Commissioners, ACCESS, Samaritas, the Office of Global Michigan, and many others.

Welcoming Week 2021 : Celebration Flyer

This free event is open to all and no registration is needed. There will also be a walk-in vaccine clinic (for everyone 12 years and older), cultural performers and a food truck provided by the county for guests to enjoy.

Executive Dave Coulter will kick off the event with a few words at 6:45pm followed by performances until 8:00pm

This Welcoming Week, let’s declare that Belonging Begins With US — that each and every one of us has the power to help others feel like they belong, regardless of their background.

History of Welcoming Week in Oakland County

As a member of Welcoming America, Oakland County is participating in a movement of inclusive communities around the United States that believes when everyone feels safe and that they belong, then the community is more prosperous.

In April 2019, Commissioner William Miller delivered the very first Welcoming Resolution to the Oakland County Board of Commissioners. This was a pivotal moment because it kicked off what was to become Welcoming Oakland, a consortium of agencies and organizations that operate in the immigrant and refugee space within the County. In early 2020, County Executive David Coulter directed the county to become a member of Welcoming America.

Welcoming Oakland's roadmap for the county includes participation in Resilience and Emergency Management for Inclusive Communities seminars; working to fill food security needs in immigrant communities; translation assistance; and connecting immigrants in need with much-needed services available in the county.

The roadmap to a more inclusive, welcoming, and safe Oakland County with access and open doors for everyone is never far from our hearts.

Welcoming Oakland Members​

Since the inception of Welcoming Oakland, the following organizations have lent their mindpower, their manpower, their expertise, and their compassion to our endeavor. We are grateful to them for not only participating in but truly living the concept of welcoming through their work in Oakland County.

Welcoming Oakland Contact: Melanie Grund, Office of Oakland County Executive Community Outreach, grundm@oakgov.com or 248-858-0152