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Oakland County is committed to the goal of operationalizing equity by taking actions to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion within our county operations. As a government organization with a commitment to public service and influence on public decision-making, Oakland County has a responsibility to identify, challenge and change systems that perpetuate injustices and create disparate outcomes for marginalized and disadvantaged individuals and communities.

We are continuously taking actions to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into all county operations as well as setting measurements to identify progress or areas of opportunity.

We will hold ourselves accountable to this commitment through continuous education around structural and systemic inequities and intentional incorporation of equity and inclusion in all policies, practices, and programs.


 Upcoming Events

Virtual Workshop: Hiring Through An Equity Lens 

July 20, 10-11 a.m. - Register here

More and more business leaders are striving to embrace equity in their organizations. A key to achieving this is to reflect on your traditional hiring practices that may encourage an unhealthy workplace culture and then enacting real change. Join Oakland County's Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer Robin Carter-Cooper for a free, virtual workshop to learn how to pivot from this historical approach to hiring staff and greatly impact two key areas: the evaluation of an applicant’s experience and the steps taken to actually hire someone.

Workshop Highlights:
  • Evaluating examples of how racism and historical hiring systems impact the workforce
  • Identifying best practices in the hiring process in order to create more equitable and inclusive hiring practices
  • Measuring the progress and effectiveness of the newly embraced practices