Crisis Response Organization (OCCRO)

In the aftermath of the November 1991 Royal Oak Post Office shooting, the Oakland County Crisis Response Organization was founded in 1993.  It developed out of the need to have a coordinated, professional team available to service emergency responder personnel.  Through the years, it has subsequently evolved to respond to the critical incident stress management needs of the broader community, both the public and private sectors.

The Oakland County Crisis Response Organization (OCCRO) is comprised of professionals trained in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and Defusing.

A critical incident is any event that temporarily overwhelms an individual's or work group's ability to cope.  Examples include, but are not limited to: violent criminal acts, fatal crashes, death within a workplace, hostage situations, death of a child, a suicide of a colleague, or a line of duty death.

A debriefing is a simple and effective group process designed to mitigate the psychological impact of a traumatic event. It assists in preventing the development of post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Members of the OCCRO are volunteers interested in helping people deal with the after-effects of a traumatic event.  Therefore, debriefings are conducted free of charge.

Members of the OCCRO are available to speak to your organization or community group free of charge.

OCCRO Philosophy Statement

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Brochures and Forms:

Support Forms:
What to do about flashbacks
What to expect as recovery continues
When to seek profession assistance

OCCRO Membership Application Form
OCCRO Memo of Understanding
Emergency Contact Information

Field Work Forms:
OCCRO CISD Request Form
OCCRO Roll of the On Call Coordinator
OCCRO Debriefing Model
OCCRO Debriefing Defusing Report Form
OCCRO Follow Up Phone Interview Form
OCCRO Post Action Staff Support Report Form
OCCRO Service Request Denial Form

To arrange a debriefing after a critical incident or to request a presentation, contact OCCRO through the Common Ground 24 Hour Resource and Crisis Helpline at 1-800-231-1127.

OCCRO is a separate entity from Oakland County.