Amateur Radio Public Service Corps (ARPSC)

Amateur Radio Public Service Corps LogoThe Oakland County Amateur Radio Public Service Corps (ARPSC) is a volunteer organization of public service minded amateur radio operators dedicated to providing organized emergency communications in the time of need.  The ARPSC mission includes a number ham radio based communication services:

  • Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) – This group is organized and recognized through the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) to provide communications assistance during disasters
  • Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) – RACES volunteers are recognized through their local Emergency Management program and they assist with many tasks for the governmental agencies they serve.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides planning guidance and technical assistance for RACES teams.
  • National Traffic  System (NTS) – The National Traffic System utilizes "Radiograms" to relay information critical to saving lives or property, or to inquire about the health or welfare of disaster victims
  • SKYWARN – Ham radio operators working with the National Weather Service and the Oakland County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Department perform as severe weather spotters, reporting their observations of severe weather and the resulting damages via radio
  • Amateur Radio Hospital Emergency Communications (ARHEC) – Amateur radio volunteers participating in this program provide emergency communications for the hospitals in Oakland County

In addition to the emergency communication roles listed above, ARPSC members also provide many additional communications related services, including:

  • Assisting the Oakland County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Department with monthly Outdoor Warning Siren tests, observing and reporting back on the activation and operation of the sirens within the County
  • Assisting with two-way radio communications for non-profit, civic, or special events such as the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise and the Brooksie Way Half Marathon

The ARPSC meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm.  Meetings are held at the Oakland County Emergency Operations Center.  The purpose of these meetings is to provide members with updated information and training related to emergency communications.  All are welcome at these meetings. Licensed amateurs are encouraged to attend and become active with the team.

If you live in Oakland County and are interested in joining the ARPSC, please complete the ARPSC application and email to

You can view the ARPSC website at