County Building Safety

The Building Safety Division consists of four distinct units provides building security for all County employees, visitors and over 40 County facilities.  The Building Safety Supervisors Unit, Safety Dispatch Unit, the Building Attendants Unit and the Security Systems Unit. Their responsibilities include routine after-hours inspections of the main Courthouse and all other County facilities, the alarm monitoring of fire, security systems, and equipment alarms 24-hour, seven day-a-week.  Nearly 8000 alarm points, 950 card access readers, and 2000 CCTV cameras are administered and maintained by the Security Systems Unit.  A 24-hour centralized control center is staffed for reporting of facility-related problems, Water Resource Commission alarm monitoring, and dispatching of appropriate personnel.  The unit also oversees the security and opening and closing of all County buildings on a daily basis, along with the raising and lowering of all flags.  Building Safety Division also handles:

  • Submission of safety issues (contact information, email)
  • Maintenance of Emergency contact numbers and names by facility
  • Implementation of the Facilities Management Emergency Response Plan