Emergency Planning

Emergency Evacuation Plan
Emergencies happen when we don’t expect them, and often when families are not together. Suddenly, you need to think about your kids at school or elderly parents across town. If the power is out, the phones don’t work, or some neighborhoods aren’t accessible, what do you do? Having a family emergency plan will help save time, stress, and possibly your life.

​Make an Emergency Plan

Every household needs an emergency plan. The time you’ve invested in creating one will ensure that you and your household know what to do in case of an actual emergency. Plan to Stay (Shelter-In-Place) and plan to Go (Evacuate). Have at least 3 days of emergency supplies (food, water, batteries, blankets, etc), stay informed, and develop a family communication plan.

Download Our Emergency Plan and edit it on your computer as well as our Emergency Kit Visual Checklist. Then print it out and place it in an easy to find location.​ You must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to use this form.​

NOTE: Mozilla Firefox's PDF plugin will not support form editing. Firefox users will need to download the PDF and edit it in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Apple Preview.​

​For more information on keeping you and your family safe in an emergency, visit our National Preparedness Month page. 

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