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Oakland County Fiscal Scorecard


Several years ago, the Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM) issued a "Michigan Fiscal Scorecard" report for the purpose of "assessing the financial management of Michigan governments." The intent is to help Michigan's residents understand the sometimes sobering financial realities facing most Michigan governments.

While undoubtedly accurate when considering Michigan governments in general, the "financial snapshot" attained with the BLM Scorecard model does not fully capture the sustained benefits of Oakland County's long-term financial planning and multi-year budgeting practices.  We encourage readers of the scorecard to also take advantage of the wealth of financial information that we have made available to the general public through our Investor Relations web page.

To help Oakland County residents assess the financial management of Oakland County government, we present the following "Oakland County Fiscal Scorecard." The Oakland Scorecard follows the format utilized by the BLM report so that readers can easily compare Oakland's performance to that of Michigan governments in general.