Community and Home Improvement Scorecard (2010)
Oakland County, MichiganDashboardCommunity and Home Improvement Scorecard (2010)

Community and Home Improvement Scorecard (2010)


Housing & Community Sustainability:

 Up Arrow  Is Oakland County working to help sustain businesses, communities and families with current federal revenues?
Yes. Oakland County works hard to help sustain businesses, communities and families in this tough economy. Our Community & Home Improvement Division infuses millions of federal dollars into our job market, neighborhoods and households to rebuild community infrastructures, facilities and homes as well as meet emergency family needs.  Oakland County administers six federal housing and community development grants to improve the economic opportunities and quality of life of our residents.
Presently the Community & Home Improvement Division oversees the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), HOME Investment Partnership Program, Emergency Shelter Grant, Housing Counseling Grant and Homelessness Prevention & Rapid Re-housing Program.
 Up Arrow  Are Oakland County housing counseling initiatives helping to stabilize housing for residents, especially those facing mortgage or property tax default and foreclosure?
Yes. During 2010 our Housing Counselors responded to 3,950 requests to help resolve housing problems related to mortgage and property tax default and foreclosure, purchasing a home, obtaining reverse mortgages, rental properties, locating affordable housing and homeless services. Counselors extended 1-on-1 counseling to 400 homeowners in mortgage default and foreclosure, 290 new homebuyers, 150 seniors obtaining reverse mortgages and 75 tenants with rental issues.  Oakland County also prevented 810 adults and children from becoming homeless through federal Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program assistance.
 Up Arrow  Is Oakland County helping local communities stabilize neighborhoods hit hard by foreclosures?
Last year the Neighborhood Stabilization Program invested over $17 million to redevelop vacant, foreclosed properties across 23 communities.  Oakland County worked with community leaders to restore over 200 vacant foreclosed houses and construct 19 new affordable homes for qualified homebuyers.  NSP demolished over 40 blighted structures and created neighborhood green space, parks, safety paths and improved streets.
 Up Arrow  Does Oakland County work to preserve its aging housing stock to maintain quality housing?
Yes.  The Oakland County Home Improvement Program renovates over 230 homes each year for qualified homeowners through 0% interest, deferred payment loans.  Loan repayments are recycled to help additional homeowners make necessary mechanical and structural repairs.
 Up Arrow  Is Oakland County supporting local communities to rebuild infrastructure and public facilities and deliver critical public services?
Yes.  Each year our community development program invests over $9M in 51 communities to rebuild neighborhood infrastructure and public facilities and deliver critical public services.  The county helps improve streets, water/sewer systems, walkways, senior centers, parks, recreation facilities and fire protection services. Community development also addresses individual needs of troubled youth, senior citizens and disabled residents through various household and community services.
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