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Community & Home Improvement Scorecard

Housing & Community Sustainability

Community & Home Improvement Division Accomplishments for 2017 by the Numbers​​

The division works to address individual housing needs and revitalize neighborhoods in Oakland County through the investment of about $10 million annually in federal/state support.

Accomplishments in 2017 include

  • Meeting with nearly 450 households and responding to more than 2,500 telephone inquiries about housing matters (in PY 2017)
  • Providing about $2 million interest-free loans to rehabilitate more than 200 homes of low income households
  • Investing almost $6 million in public services and improvements to public facilities and community infrastructure throughout Oakland County
  • Demolishing a total of 290 blighted properties in Pontiac to date
  • Implementing the 2016-2020 Consolidated Plan to set priorities for housing, community development and public service activities benefitting low-income persons, and engaging the participation of hundreds of citizens, agencies and local officials
  • Affirmatively furthering fair housing through outreach to communities and the public at large