K-12 Education

The guidance on this page is intended for K-12 school settings.
It was last updated on 8/18/2022.

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FAQ about this guidance is available at the bottom of this page.

OCHD also offers guidance specific to childcare and preschool settings here.

 School Quarantine & Isolation Guidance

Report aggregate counts for COVID-19 cases via the Health and Human Services Communication Portal (HHSCP) to fulfill communicable disease reporting requirements. 

Schools are recommended to submit all new cases of COVID-19 through the HHSCP on a weekly basis. Please contact Kim Krumm at krummk@oakgov.com for new user registrations. Childcare centers and youth programs should continue to use and submit the reporting form for cases and close contacts that can be found on the OCHD childcare and youth programs toolkit webpage.

Updated School Quarantine and Isolation Guidance

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 FAQ for K-12 Education and Childcare & Youth Programs