PPE Resilience Grant


Phase 1 of the PPE Resilience Grant Program with Automation Alley is now complete. To join the waiting list for the program, fill out the PPE Resilience Grant Application:

PPE Resilience Grant Application

Waiting list companies will receive notifications of any future openings and opportunities.

Oakland County, in partnership with Macomb County and Automation Alley, has created the Personal Protective Equipment Resilience Grant Program to address the urgent need to move Oakland County and Macomb County-based companies quickly into the digital manufacturing age of Industry 4.0 to help improve our region’s manufacturing agility for PPE. Grants will help each county’s manufacturing base purchase and implement Industry 4.0 technologies that can be used in direct support of manufacturing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Oakland and Macomb county-based manufacturers interested in applying for the Personal Protective Equipment Resilience Grant Program can sign up for email updates when the applications are available.

Industry 4.0 technologies for the purposes of this grant program refer to: Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, The Cloud, Cybersecurity, Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials and Modeling, Simulation, Visualization, and Immersion (MSVI).

Industry 4.0 technologies enable rapid and resilient responses to catastrophic events. The following are some examples of their use during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Digital factory and MSVI technologies used to model TCF Center in Detroit
  • Additive manufacturing used to produce ventilator parts and molds, and PPE
  • Big data used to assess CV-19 spread, behaviors, and trends
  • Cybersecurity technologies critical for secure contact tracing