Oakland County, Michigan/COVID-19/Grants/Local Government Partnership Program

Local Government Partnership Program

Oakland County Executive David Coulter, and the Oakland County Board of Commission, are pleased to make available $30 million of the county's CARES Act allocation to local cities, villages and townships to remediate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in your community.

The county has provided each CVT a link to the online submission form. If you need another one please contact your staff liaison.

This may include submissions from CVTs on behalf of their city clerk regarding election expenses.  The cost of facilitating the election during the COVID-19 pandemic – including the $50 hazard pay for election workers – are eligible for reimbursement.

Reimbursement Submission Best Practices

Follow these best practices guidelines to ensure that all the supporting documentation (COVID-19 connection, eligibility rationale and invoices) are organized when you submit your reimbursement.  This allows us to approve reimbursement more quickly and ensure we have a full record on file.

CVT Submission Deadline

CVTs may apply monthly through November 30, 2020, to submit past expenditures incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Information for local government partners (CVTs)

Libraries, Community and Senior Centers

An additional $5 million has been set aside for libraries, community centers and senior centers for reimbursement of eligible expenses related to COVID-19.

Submission Deadline

Libraries, community and senior centers must submit an application by November 30, 2020

Information for libraries, community and senior centers 

Election-Related Expenses

CVTs may apply for reimbursement of expenses they have undertaken to facilitate the running of elections during the COVID-19 pandemic. This may include equipment, PPE, cleaning supplies, social distancing materials, payroll and hazard pay for election day workers.

  • Payroll expenses: Should it be necessary for you to redeploy current employees to assist with elections and this is a substantially different function, this cost may be reimbursable.
  • Hazard Pay: There is $50 available for election day / poll workers.  Documentation must be submitted that verifies their work on election day (ie, payroll records, sign-in / sign-out sheets, etc).

All election-related reimbursable expense requests should be made through the same online system used for the Oakland Together Local Government Support Program.

 Program Information Update