Celebrations / Holiday Safety

Learn how to celebrate the holidays safely. The guidance below will help you and your family make decisions to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Do Not Host or Attend In-Person Festivities if You

  • Are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Have been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Are waiting for COVID-19 test results
  • Have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • Are at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19

Safer Ways to Celebrate Holidays

  • Attending gatherings to celebrate events and holidays increases your risk of getting and spreading COVID-19. The safest way to celebrate is virtually, with people who live with you, or outside and at least 6 feet apart from others.
  • If you are attending a holiday celebration, you may want to think about what steps you need to take to protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19.
  • If you are not fully vaccinated and aged 2 or older, you should wear a mask in indoor public places.
  • In general, you do not need to wear a mask in outdoor settings.
    • In areas with high numbers of COVID-19 cases, consider wearing a mask in crowded outdoor settings and for activities with close contact with others who are not fully vaccinated.
  • If you are fully vaccinated, see When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated.
  • Have conversations ahead of time to understand expectations for celebrating together.
  • Know when to wear a mask.
  • If celebrating indoors, bring in fresh air by opening windows and doors, if possible. You can use a window fan in one of the open windows to blow air out of the window. This will pull fresh air in through the other open windows.

Holiday Travel

  • CDC recommends delaying travel until you are fully vaccinated.
  • If you are not fully vaccinated and must travel, follow CDC's Domestic Travel or International Travel recommendations for unvaccinated people.
  • If you will be traveling with unvaccinated people, such as children younger than 5 who are not eligible for vaccines, follow recommendations for unvaccinated people and choose the safer travel options.
  • Everyone, even people who are fully vaccinated, will still be required to wear a mask on public transportation.
  • If you are considering traveling for a holiday or event, visit CDC's Travel page to help you decide what is best for you and your family.
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