Doing Business with Probate

Payee Registration

​Forms and Applications used by Attorneys

Probate Court Fees & Vouchers

Legal News publishing fees increased to $95.15 effective 03/01/2020.

The Oakland County Probate Court accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cash, check (made out to Oakland County Probate Court) or credit card.
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  • Service fees for copies and certifications apply for credit cards only.Visit credit card and fee information.
  • Money Orders
  • Please do not mail cash.
Following are various fee schedules used in Oakland County Probate Court:

Probate Court Filing Fees
Gross Estate Fee Schedule

 Oakland County Probate Court Notices regarding Gross Estate Fees

    Notice Regarding Fees (GEF & Motions) 
    Notice to the Public - November 2005 
    Inventory Fee Notice - February 2006
    Notice in Regards to the Change in Calculation of Inventory Fees (aka Gross Estate Fees]) - November 2006

March 2008 - Publication Rates Increase
March 2012 - Publication Rates Increase
October 2017 - Publication Rates Increase

Below is a form and information for payment of Court Appointed Attorneys, GAL, and Independent Evaluators:

Fee Schedule for Court Appointed Attorneys/Guardian Ad Litem/Independent Evaluations (PEMH 1037)
Probate Payment & Billing Instructions (PEMH 1097)
Independent Evaluator Invoice (PEMH 1102)
Statement of Services and Order for Payment - General Probate (PEMH1092)
Statement of Services and Order for Payment - Mental Health (PEMH1092a)

Other forms:

Fiscal Services Vendor Registration Packet
Fiscal Services Vendor Change Address Form

General Administrative Forms (including transcript request forms)

Application to Serve as a Probate Mediator

Probate Court Forms

Below are forms & applications to be used by Attorneys who seek to serve in Probate Court.  Please note - these forms may only be used in Oakland County Probate Court.

Applications are reviewed by the Probate Court Attorney Appointment Committee twice a year, usually in January and July. 

Application to Serve as Court-Appointed Counsel for Indigents (PEMH1091)