General Probation Information
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General Probation Information

‚ÄčIf you have been placed on probation for a crime committed in Oakland County or are awaiting case conclusion but under pretrial supervision the links below may help you find the correct program or department to contact for more information. Please note that the Probate Court is in no way related to Probation.

Adult Probation Information:  Please contact the State of Michigan Adult Probation if you were convicted of a felony at the Oakland County Circuit Court as an adult or have been officially transferred to the Region 10 Supervision Unit by another court.

Alternative Sentencing Programs: If you have been placed in an alternative sentencing program through the Department of Community Corrections please visit the information page here. This includes ATC, PACE, WWAM, and Zero Tolerance as well as other programs. 

District Courts Contact Information: If you were placed on probation by a judge or magistrate in a District Court for an offense that was not transferred to the Circuit Court at 1200 N Telegraph Rd. in Pontiac please check with the District Court that handled your case for Probation Contact Information.

Juvenile Casework Information: If you have a juvenile matter and have been placed on probation or instructed to contact a Juvenile Division Caseworker by a Judge or Referee in the Oakland County Circuit Court Family Division please visit the Juvenile Casework Information Page.

Pretrial Services: If you have been told to contact the Pretrial Services Unit as a condition of your release prior to the conclusion of your case please click here



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