Estates, Trusts, and Civil Actions
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Estates, Trusts, and Civil Actions

Estates: When someone dies owning assets in their sole name, a decedent estate may need to be opened to transfer those assets to the persons entitled to it. There are certain exceptions that will allow transfer of assets without the need for Probate.  These exceptions can be found on our under Information & Publications in the brochure "Disposition of Small Estates".

Trust: A way to hold property in which legal and equitable title are separated. The legal title to trust property is held in the trust name solely for the benefit of another.

Civil Actions:The probate court will handle a civil case that arises from a dispute in a probate matter such as an estate, a trust, or a guardianship or conservatorship. The amount of the claim is not relevant. The civil case must be filed in the county where the probate court matter is being handled. If there is no underlying probate matter, the civil case must be filed in either the circuit court or district court based on the amount of the claim.

Note: Fiduciaries are responsible to maintain and have available their Letters of Authority.  The Court does not provide them to or fax them to a doctor, hospital, school, funeral home, etc.

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