Mental Health

The Probate Court handles cases involving the evaluation and care of individuals alleged to be in need of mental health services. Below you will find links to information about the procedures involved in Mental Health cases, including the process to file a Petition for Mental Health Treatment requesting an individual be transported for an evaluation.

For more info, please refer to the following brochures:

Information for Users of Oakland County Mental Health Division Services


Affidavit and Order Excusing Respondent's Presence - PEMH 1100
Notice to Petitioner Requesting Assisted Outpatient Treatment/Contact Information Sheet
- PEMH 1110
Clinical Certificate
- PCM 208
Notification of Noncompliance - PCM230
Order Authorizing Independent Examination
- PEMH1058
Order and Report on Alternative Mental Health Treatment
- PCM 216
Petition for Mental Health Treatment - PCM 201
Request to Defer Hearing on Commitment
- PCM 235
Statement of Services and Order for Payment - Mental Health
- PEMH1092a
Supplemental to Petition for Mental Health Treatment and Order
- PCM 209a

General Information:

Independent Evaluators
Hospital, Contact & Deferral Information List
Mental Health Fax Cover Sheet
Notice to Petitioner Requesting Assisted Outpatient Treatment