Conservatorships for Adults

A conservator is a person who is given the authority by Probate Court to be responsible for the assets (called an estate) of a Protected Individual (PI). A conservator is nominated by a petition filed with the Probate Court. Anyone interested in the estate, affairs or welfare of the alleged PI may petition. The alleged PI must be a resident of Oakland County.

For complete info, please refer to the following brochures:

Additional information available below:

Below are the forms that must be completed to start an adult conservatorship proceedings in Oakland County Probate Court. When the required forms are completed, bring them to Oakland County Probate Court.

Please arrive by 4pm for same day processing.


Forms to start an adult conservatorship may be hand-delivered or mailed to Oakland County Probate Court provided they contain all signatures and include the appropriate filing fee(s).

  • The filing fee to start each conservatorship is $175.00.
  • Cash, check (made out to Oakland County Probate Court) or credit card.
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover accepted.
  • Service fees for copies and certifications apply for credit cards only.
  • Please do not mail cash.

Forms to Start an Adult Conservatorship

The following forms must be completed:

The following forms may be required:

Forms Needed Once the Adult Conservatorship is Granted

Forms to Modify or Close an Adult Conservatorship