Small Estate Proceeding

For complete info, please refer to the following brochure:

Disposition of Small Estates - Brochure #3

Below are the forms that must be completed to start a small estate proceedings in Oakland County Probate Court. When the required forms are completed, please bring or mail them to Oakland County Probate Court.

Please arrive by 4pm for same day processing.


Forms to start a small estate may be mailed to Oakland County Probate Court provided they contain all signatures and include the appropriate filing fee(s). There must be a separate file and fee for each individual.

  • The filing fee to start a small estate is $25.00 plus a Gross Estate Fee (also known as an Inventory Fee) based upon the Inventory Value of the assets before funeral expenses.
  • For each parcel of real estate, mortgage liens will be deducted up to the value of that parcel for purposes of calculating this fee if the decedent died on or after 3/28/2013.
  • Subtract any applicable mortgage liens before adding up the value of all assets to determine the Inventory Value.
  • Insert that Inventory Value in our Inventory Fee Calculator to determine the fee.
  • The court will calculate the exact fee for you. In the event of a variance the fee calculated by the court shall override the online Inventory Fee Calculator.
  • There will also be a $12.00 fee for each certified copy of the Order requested.

Opening a Small Estate