Case Types

The Probate Court handles matters involving:

- Developmentally Disabled Persons
- Estates and trusts
- Evaluation and/or Care of the Mentally Ill
- Guardians & Conservators for Adults and Minors
- Registration of Foreign Birth
- Recording of Secret Marriages
- Wills Left for Safekeeping

A complete list of case type codes is available from the State Court Administrative Office.

Children's Advocates - These are volunteers who are appointed by the court to represent the best interests of a minor on a minor guardianship case.  In such cases, they investigate and report on the child's and the proposed guardian's situation and complete a "home study".  The Children's Advocates Program is sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women.

SCAO forms are required for many filings with the probate court.

View Oakland County Probate Court's policy regarding the use of SCAO forms. 

The SCAO forms that are most frequently requested have been included on this site in .pdf format.  They include information that makes them specific for use only in Oakland County.

Go to the Michigan Courts - SCAO Forms Index to obtain the entire collection of SCAO-approved forms for decedent estates, guardianships and conservatorships.