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Oakland County Probate Court Policy - SCAO Forms

Michigan Court Rule 5.113(A)(1)(c) states that:

"A petition, motion, inventory, report, account, or other paper in a proceeding must be substantially in the form approved by the State Court Administrator, if a form has been  approved for use."

Accordingly, the Oakland County Probate Court policy is as follows:

The SCAO form must be used when a form has been approved for use.  A  hand-drafted or word-processed document may be filed if it contains the following language: "This document is a replication of the SCAO approved form.  No alterations or deletions have been made."

Oakland County Probate Court Policy - Mailing Accounts

Pursuant to Oakland County Probate Court policy, accounts from the tri-county area (if you are in Oakland, Wayne or Macomb) MUST BE FILED IN PERSON.

  • There is a $20 filing fee for each account.

Reports, Inventories and Verifications of Deposit may be filed in person, mailed or faxed. There are no filing fees for these.