Probate Access

This service provides case information for cases filed with the Oakland County Probate Court.  The information search is a name-based search.  There is no fee for this search. 

It is not possible to view or order documents from this website.  Public files may be viewed at the court.  Copies of documents from public files may be obtained at the court or by mailing a specific request to the court, along with a check or money order for the appropriate fee.  There is a $1.00 per page copy fee.

This Web site is provided as a resource for information on historical and current court cases. It should be used only to gain a general understanding of a listed case's status. Information displayed on-line is not the official record of the court.

Each time the site is accessed, you will be asked to accept the conditions and information as listed below. 

Currency of information

The Probate Court works to keep the information in this system up-to-date. Delays in entering case information into the system may occur.


Do not assume that the person listed in a case file is the person you are looking for. The court cautions employers, credit agencies and others to verify identity before taking any adverse action against a person whose name appears in this database. Additional identifying information may be available in the case file.

Types of cases

Information is available regarding all case types assigned to the Probate Court.  Non-public information is not available.


If you feel that information on this website is in error and should be corrected, please contact the Probate Court.

Additional Terms of Use

In addition to the reminders listed above, use of this website is governed by the terms of use which can be found by clicking on the Privacy/Legal Disclaimers link at the bottom of the court's website at