Glossary -- Mental Health

Glossary -- Mental Health

Involuntary Commitment

The process by which the Probate Court orders a particular individual, against his or her will, to undergo temporary hospitalization or alternative mental health treatment.


Mental Health Code

That part of the Michigan Compiled Laws the sets forth the law regarding mental health commitments and guardianships over individuals with developmental disability. It is found at MCL 330.1001 2106.


Order to Transport

The common parlance for what is technically known as a Petition and Order for Examination/Hospitalization. This is the court order which gives the local law enforcement agency authority to take a specified individual into protective custody and transport that individual to a designated hospital for mental heath evaluation and/or treatment.


Physician's Certificate

A written document which is signed by a physician or licensed psychologist, indicates that a particular individual requires mental health treatment, and provides the reasons and opinions that underlie such a conclusion. Also known as a "Clinical Certificate".