Estates, Guardianships, Conservatorships and Trusts: U, V and W
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Estates, Guardianships, Conservatorships and Trusts: U, V and W

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Unsupervised Administration or Unsupervised Estate

A procedure used in estate administration in which most of the estate activity is done without court intervention. The court is involved at the opening and closing stages, but does not generally become involved otherwise unless requested by the personal representative or an interested person, or on the court's own initiative. When an estate is unsupervised, the suffix of the file number will be a "DE," such as 2002-123456 DE. 

Verification of Funds on Deposit

A form used in a minor conservatorship file to indicate in which financial institution the ward's money is located. The form must designate the account name, number, amount on deposit and must be signed by a representative of the financial institution.

Proof of Restricted Account and Annual Verification of Funds on Deposit (Conservatorship of Minor) (PC 669). 

Waiver & Consent

A form which is signed by an interested person, and which indicates that the interested person agrees (consents) with the matter before the court, and in which the interested person indicates that he/she does not need to be notified of the hearing. Some court orders may be entered without a hearing as long as there are proper "Waivers and Consents" for all interested persons.

Waiver and Consent (PC 561). 


An individual for whom a guardian has been appointed. 

Will (Last Will and Testament)

A written expression of how an individual wants their property distributed after death.