Guardianship of Minors: Full/Limited
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Guardianship of Minors: Full/Limited

Below are the forms that must be completed to start various types of guardianship proceedings in Oakland County Probate Court.  These forms are insertable pdf documents that may be completed in Adobe or may be printed, then completed.

Some of these forms (primarily those with a form number beginning PEMH)  reside on the Oakland County Probate Court's web site and the file size will be listed.  Other forms (most documents having form numbers beginning with "PC") are linked directly to the form on the State Court Administrative Office web site.

When the required forms are completed, bring them to:
     Oakland County Probate Court
     First Floor-East Wing
     Oakland County Courthouse
     1200 N. Telegraph Road
     Pontiac, MI  48341-0457
Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Please arrive by 4:00 for same day processing. Maps & Directions to the Courthouse

Forms to start a guardianship may be mailed to the above address provided they contain all signatures and include the appropriate filing fee(s).  The filing fee to start each guardianship is $175.00 cash, check (made out to Oakland County Probate Court) or credit card.  Service fees for copies and certifications apply for credit cards only.  Please do not mail cash.

Note:  If the minor is an Indian child (aka Native American) as defined by MCR 3.002(12), you must use one of the following applicable petitions instead of PC 650 or PC 651, along with the other documents listed below.

Forms to Start a Minor Guardianship -- Limited

A limited guardianship is a voluntary guardianship which may only be initiated by a parent who has physical custody of the child.  In a limited minor guardianship, the guardian may not consent to marriage or to adoption.

The custodial parent(s) must sign the first two forms listed below (forms PC 650 and 652)  and ATTEND THE HEARING UNLESS EXCUSED BY THE JUDGE. In certain circumstances, an alternative to attending the hearing is called "Judge-on-Line," which is a telephone conference. There is a $30 convenience fee. You must call the Judge's chambers at least 7 days before the hearing to request the Judge's approval. Further information is available at

The following forms must be completed:

Forms to Start a Minor Guardianship -- Full

A full minor guardianship may be initiated by anyone, as long as certain criteria are met.  In a full minor guardianship, the guardian may consent to marriage or adoption.

The following forms must be completed:

Forms During Pendency of a Minor Guardianship-Full/Limited

You need to file the following form annually within 56 days after your anniversary date starting 1 year after your appointment.  Make sure you fill it in completely, including the specific reporting period dates and your complete name, address and telephone number.  There is no fee for filing this form.

Forms to Modify or Close a Minor Guardianship-Full/Limited

The Filing Fee to petition to modify or terminate each minor guardianship case is $20.00.   The following documents are used to ask the court's permission to modify or close a case.  They can be mailed to the address given above as long as the filing fee is included.  The matter will be set for hearing.
If you are filing a petition to modify the guardianship to add another guardian or replace the current guardian(s), you must complete the following as well as the Petition and Declaration:
If you are seeking to close the guardianship, you must complete the following as well as the Petition and Declaration:
DHS Record Check (PEMH 1038)

f the case is involving an Indian Child and was filed using PC 650-I, PC 650-Ia or PC 650-Ib, the following form may apply: