Probate Court Forms and Applications
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Probate Court Forms and Applications

In House Forms
Oakland County Probate Court has several specially designed forms to conform to its local court rules and procedures. 

 Judge On-Line
Judge On-Line is a new service being offered as an alternative to face-to-face court hearings.  It is designed especially for scheduling, status, pretrial and settlement conferences, as well as motion hearings and other court proceedings at the discretion of the presiding judge.  Parties and attorneys may appear for these court events from work, home, and while on vacation for a non-refundable $30 convenience fee.

State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) approved forms
SCAO forms are required for many filings with the probate court. 

 Video Courtroom Information: 

View Oakland County Probate Court's policy regarding the use of SCAO forms.  

The SCAO forms that are most frequently requested have been included on this site in .pdf format.  They include information that makes them specific for use only in Oakland County. 

Go to theMichigan Courts -- SCAO Probate Forms Index to obtain the entire collection of SCAO-approved forms for decedent estates, guardianships and conservatorships. 

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