SMILE Program

SMILE Program

SMILE (Start Making It Livable for Everyone) is an educational program for parents who have a pending divorce in Oakland County.  This required one session program is held at the Friend of the Court building and lasts approximately one hour.

The program assists parents to better understand how conflict existing between them affects their children, how to communicate on a positive level and how to be flexible and compromise as co-parents in making decisions about their children.

Parents will receive a letter, signed by their assigned Judge, notifying them of their scheduled Early Intervention Conference (EIC) date and time.  The SMILE program immediately follows at 9:30 a.m. and is held in the SMILE room located next to Hearing Room 15 in the FOC building.

Other parents interested in attending SMILE may register by writing to the FOC or by contacting our office at 248-858-0453.  


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The SMILE videos are available for purchase on DVD. Mail or drop off the order form.