Suggested Readings

Suggested Readings

Check your local library for these and other selections.

For Families:

  • Changing Families: A Guide For Kids and Grown-Ups, by David Fassler, M.D., Michele Lash, M.Ed., A.T.R., and Sally B. Ives, Ph.D. (Waterfront Books, 1988).
  • Divorce Happens to the Nicest Kids, by Michael S. Prokop, M.Ed. (Alegra House Publishers, 1986). For ages 3-15 and adults.
  • The Divorce Workbook: A Guide for Kids and Families, by Sally Blakeslee Ives, Ph.D. (Waterfront Books, 1985).
  • On Divorce: An Open Family Book For Parents and Children Together, by Sara Bonnett Stein (Walker & Co., 1979).
  • Why Are We Getting a Divorce? by Peter Mayle (Harmony Books, 1988).

For Pre-School and Early Elementary (Ages 3-7):

  • At Daddy's on Saturdays, by Linda Walvoord Girard (Albert Whitman & Co., 1987).
  • The Dinosaur's Divorce, by L. and M. Brown (Little-Brown, 1986).
  • Divorce is a Grown Up Problem, by Janet Sinberg (Avon Books, 1978).
  • Mommy and Me By Ourselves Again, by Judith Vigna (Albert Whitman & Co., 1987).

For Middle and Later Elementary (Ages 8-12):

  • The Boys and Girls Book About Divorce, by Richard Gardner, M.D. (Bantam, 1970).
  • How Does it Feel When Your Parents Get Divorced, by Terry Berger (Messner, 1976).
  • It's Not the End of the World, by Judy Blume (Dell, 1986).
  • Mr. Rogers Talks With Families About Divorce, by Fred Rogers and Claire O'Brien (Berkley Press, 1988).

For Adolescents (Ages 13+):

  • Breaking Up, by Norma Klein (Avon, 1981).
  • Coping When Your Family Falls Apart, by Dianna Booher (Messner, 1979).
  • The Day the Loving Stopped, by Julie List (Seaview Books, 1980).
  • How to Get it Together When Your Parents Divorce, by Arlene Richards and Irene Willis (Bantam Books, 1976).

For Parents:

  • Co-Parenting: Sharing Your Child Equally, by Miriam Galper (Running Press, 1978).
  • Crazy Times: Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life, by Abigail Trafford (Harper, 1994).
  • Creative Divorce, by Mel Krantzler (Evans and Company, Inc., 1974).
  • The Custody Handbook, by Persia Woolley (Summit Books, 1979).
  • Divorce Book for Parents, by Vicki Lansky (New American Library, 1989).
  • Growing Up Divorced, by Linda Bird Francke (Faucett, 1984).
  • Growing Up With Divorce: Helping Your Child Avoid Immediate and Later Emotional Problems, by Neil Kalter, Ph.D. (The Free Press, 1989).
  • Helping Your Child Succeed After Divorce, by Florence Bienenfeld (Hunter House, 1987).
  • How to Single Parent, by Fitzhugh Dodson (Harper & Row, 1987).
  • Long Distance Parenting: A Guide for Divorced Parents, by Miriam Galper Cohen (New American Library, 1989).
  • Mom's House, Dad's House: Making Shared Custody Work, by Isolina Ricci (Collier Books, 1982).
  • The Nurturing Father, by Kyle D. Pruett, M.D. (Little-Brown, 1988). 
  • 101 Ways to be A Long Distance Super Dad, by George Newman (Blossom Valley Press, 1981).
  • The Parents Book About Divorce, by Richard Gardner, M.D. (Bantam, 1977).
  • Pick Up Your Socks: A Practical Guide to Raising Responsible Children, by Elizabeth Crary (Parenting Press, Inc., 1990).
  • Second Chances: Men, Women and Children, A Decade After Divorce, by Judith Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee (Ticknor and Fields, 1989).
  • Sharing Parenthood After Divorce: An Enlightened Custody Guide for Mothers, Fathers and Kids, by Ciji Ware (Viking Press, 1982).
  • Surviving the Break-Up: How Children and Parents Cope With Divorce, by Judith Wallerstein and Joan Kelley (Basic Books, Inc., 1980).

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