In paternity suits, the Order of Filiation is the controlling order. The MiSDU receives and disburses payments in the same manner as all other cases. State law allows a paternity action to be filed at any time up to the date the child turns 18.

Parenting time in paternity cases 

Parenting time provisions of paternity orders are enforced by the Friend of the Court. Either party may contact the family counselor assigned to their case for assistance with parenting time problems. Enforcement of parenting time is covered in the following pages.

Birth Expenses and Support 

The cost of medical expenses connected with the birth of the baby may be apportioned between the parties. These expenses may be ordered payable through the Friend of the Court.

If the father and mother marry, the birth expenses shall be abated upon documentation being provided to the FOC.  If the parents subsequently divorce, or if other "good cause" is shown, the birth expenses may be reinstated.

Starting payments 

Unless the Order of Filiation specifies another date, the first support payment is always due on the date the judgment is entered.  The payer may receive payment coupons from the MiSDU or an income withholding notice may be sent to your employer.  If neither one of these things occur, the payer must contact the FOC immediately.