Family Support (Divorce)

Family Support (Divorce)

A family support action is not an action for legal separation (such as a divorce or separate maintenance suit). It results in a court order compelling a parent to provide support. 

Payments must begin when the Judgment of Support is entered. The payer should not wait for notice from the FOC that your account is open. The payer should start setting aside the support money and keep contacting the Friend of the Court until s/he learns the account is open. Payments may be made online at or though the mail to the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU).  Case payments are accepted at the FOC office.  Electronic Funds Transfers are also available.


Either party may begin a divorce suit even though the court has previously ordered payments in a Judgment of Support. The family support case ends when the Judgment of Divorce has been entered.

Reconciliation Requires an Order 


An Order of Dismissal must be filed if the parties wish to have enforcement of the family support order terminated. If a party received public assistance, s/he must inform the FOC and the Department of Human Services case worker.  Simply notifying the DHS caseworker of a reconciliation is not enough.

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