Family Division Assignments

Family Division Assignments

From the list below, click on your assigned Judge to view names and direct phone numbers of assigned FOC workers.

Family Division Assignments broken down by Judges: 

For each judge there are one or more teams assigned to them, each team consisting of a:

Referee: Conducts Early Intervention Conferences, evidentiary hearings on motions to modify child support, parenting time or custody, filed by the parties, or motions referred by the Court; and conducts show cause hearings to enforce support and parenting time orders.

Case assistant: Processes orders prepared by the referees or the support specialists. Assists clients with questions regarding show cause and evidentiary hearings, and general information about their case.

Family counselor: Provides mediation to assist parties in domestic relation matters to voluntarily resolve disputes involving custody, parenting time, and removal of domicile; provides dispute resolution, crisis education, and referral counseling regarding divorce or separation engendered issues; conducts custody, parenting time, and removal of domicile investigations; prepares reports and recommendations when ordered to do so by the court.

Child support account specialist: Assists with questions and problems concerning accounting of child support and statements.

Support specialist: Conducts support modification reviews; receives client mail regarding support.

Medical support specialist: Conducts pre-enforcement mediation to settle disputes regarding medical bills and to ensure there is health insurance coverage for all children; responds to parental concerns about health care expenses and gather information about the ability of insurance coverage.

If you do not know what your case number is or what team is assigned to your case, you may call 248-858-0424 where your call will be received and directed to the appropriate team.