Civil Infraction traffic tickets are processed by the Traffic Division of the 52-4 District Court. Respondents may:

​Respondents may request an Informal Hearing with the Magistrate, where no attorneys are allowed, or a Formal Hearing before the Judge, in which a Prosecutor will represent the state, city or township, and the respondent may be represented by an attorney.

Upon admitting responsibility or being found responsible, the violation is reported to the Secretary of State, which then posts the offense to the respondent's driving record and assesses points.

To request a hearing, submit an Online Hearing Request.

If you have a pending court date for a misdemeanor charge related to a civil infraction, paying the Civil Infraction prior to the court date may influence the outcome of your court case. To avoid this issue, please refrain from paying off any companion tickets/cases until the matters are settled in court, and proper fines & costs have been assessed. If you have any question please contact the court during regular business hours.

If you have an open ticket in 52-4 District Court, please note that any and all address, telephone number, or email changes must be made in writing to the court (


Below is a commonly used form by 52-4 District Court Traffic Division:

52-4 Contact Information - MC505
Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment and Order - CIA 04

Additional Traffic forms may be found on the Michigan Courts website.