Pre-Sentence Investigation Info

The judge has ordered a presentence investigation to be conducted prior to your sentencing. The investigation gives the judge more information about you to help in their decision for sentencing orders. After you have pled or been found guilty, you would have received a scheduled appointment while still at the court from the probation department. For your convenience and to limit your time in the Court, all required paperwork has been placed on the court's website for you to fill out online.

You are required to fill out, in full, the Client Basic Information (CBI) form. You must also fill out the NEEDS assessment  and once you submit it, it will be directly sent to the Court. You will be instructed of which one to fill out when you are given your scheduled appointment. Again, all required paperwork must be filled out in full, including the last page statement that reflects what happened the day of the offense.

Once you have completed the CBI, you must print and mail it to the probation department at or save it to your computer, attach the documents and email it to the probation department no less than five (5) business days prior to your appointment. 

Failure to complete the required paperwork and appear for your appointment on time will affect your ability to be interviewed in a timely manner and may have to be rescheduled, delaying your sentencing date and possibly incurring a rescheduling fee. 

If you have any questions or problems before you scheduled interview, please call 248-528-1790