Sentenced to Probation

Please click here for information about Probation appointments during the current pandemic.

If placed on probation, you will meet with a probation officer to review all of the conditions of your sentence and for referral to appropriate agencies. If you are sentenced to an initial jail sentence, you are required to report to the Probation Department within 24 hours of your release from custody.

It is imperative that you appear for all appointments on time, you may also find early arrival to be beneficial.  You are required to contact the probation officer immediately if you have a change in address, telephone number and/or employment status.

Probationers are prohibited from traveling out of the state of Michigan without permission from the probation officer or Judge. All requests should be made in writing, with at least two weeks advanced notice of the requested time of travel.

The probation officer can assist you in meeting the terms of your probation sentence. You should remember that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to carry out the Judge's order. Failure to comply with the sentence conditions may result in the initiation of a probation violation hearing.