Generated by the presiding judge, probation is a sentence that allows the offender to reside in their community under the supervision of a probation officer. The decision is issued after careful study of the offender's background, behavior, and potential for success. The decision is also based on the thinking that rehabilitation of certain offenders may be impaired by incarceration. While under supervision of the Probation Department, misdemeanor offenders are responsible for complying with the conditions imposed by the Court by making referrals to rehabilitative, preventive or educational programs. It may also require restitution to crime victims, community service, and regular alcohol or drug testing.

The 52-2 District Court Probation Department has five Probation Officers, two Court Investigators and three Probation Clerks.  In addition to supervision of offenders, the department conducts Pre-sentence Investigations and Substance Abuse Evaluations. The Probation Officers initiate and conduct Probation Violation Hearings when a violation occurs.

An appointment is usually required to speak to the Probation Officer.

Note: Probation files ARE NOT a part of the public record.


Below is a list of the commonly used forms by the 52nd District Court 2nd Division Probation Department:

12 Step Meeting Log
PBT Log Sheet
Travel Request Policy
Travel Request Form

Community Service Work Agency List
Treatment Agencies
List of Holiday Testing Dates

Additional Probation Forms can be found at the Michigan Courts Web Site.