Early Release from Probation

Per MCL 771.2, many misdemeanor offenses are eligible for early release from probation.   The probation order indicates if the case qualifies for early release, by an X located in box #39 of the order. 

Cases ineligible for early release:

  • Cases supervised under delayed sentence
  • Offenses of Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Criminal Sexual Conduct-4th Degree

To be eligible for early release, all of the below conditions must be satisfied:

  • Completion of at least 50% of the length of probation ordered
  • Completion of all programs ordered
  • No violations have occurred within the prior three months
  • Fine/costs have been paid in full or probationer is in full compliance of an established payment plan

Directions: Once the above conditions are met, the probationer must complete a Notice Regarding Eligibility for Early Discharge from Probation (MC 512).  The form MUST be provided to the prosecutor (Click here for list of current Prosecutors) on their case and the probation officer.  The prosecutor has 14-days to respond to the request.  After the 14-day period, the probation officer will forward the request to the assigned Judge for review.  In some cases, a court hearing will be required.  The probationer will be contacted with either a hearing date or notification of the outcome.