​Before contacting the prosecutor determine if your case is written under local ordinance or state law.  Look at your ticket and see if it is marked as a violation of local ordinance or state law.  If you did not receive a ticket, it is a Prosecutor's Order charged under state law.

Independence / Brandon Township
Peter Keenan: 248-625-0600
Fax: 248-625-6996

White Lake Township / Holly Township
Lisa Hamameh: 248-489-4100
Fax: 248-489-1729

Springfield Township
John Kummer: 248-540-7400
Fax: 248-540-7401

Groveland Township
Will Hosler: 248-642-0333
Fax: 248-642-0856

Rose Township
John Mulvihill: 248-625-3131
Fax: 248-625-3132

Village of Clarkston
Thomas Ryan: 248-334-9938
Fax: 248-858-8508

Village of Holly / Village of Ortonville
Michael Gildner/Charles Boike: 810-235-9000
Fax: 810-235-9010

Oakland County Prosecutor's Office