Landlord Tenant

‚ÄčLandlord Tenant - Proceedings to recover possession of premises and/or obtain a money judgment.

The action must be filed at the District Court where the premises are located.

If there is a claim for a money judgment on a landlord tenant case the District Court has jurisdiction up to $25,000.00. If a claim for money exceeds the court's jurisdiction, the District Court determines the possession issue and the Circuit Court determines the money portion. Partnerships may not be represented in court by officers, directors, or other employees who are not licensed to practice law in Michigan.

To regain possession of your premises you must serve the tenant with a notice to quit for either:

  • Non-payment of rent (7-day notice)
  • Termination of tenancy (30-day notice) or
  • Any other type of notice as permitted by law

Non-payment of rent requires notice equal to the payment schedule determined by rental agreement, i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.

Termination of tenancy requires a 30-day notice when no lease is in effect.

When a landlord tenant judgment has been entered, the tenant has 10 days to pay the judgment amount or vacate the premises or a Writ of Restitution (writ to evict) will be filed.

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