Civil Division

The Civil Division of the 52nd District Court 2nd Division handles General Civil Cases, Landlord/Tenant Disputes, Small Claims Cases, and Marriage Ceremonies.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 600.8321(1), MCR 2.103(B), and MCR 3.106, the following named individual is appointed in the 52nd District Court - 2nd Division for the purpose of serving civil process, which includes directing the seizure of personal and/or real property, and/or executing evictions:

  • Allen-Hope & Associates: 810-239-7788
    • Scott Hope
    • Christopher Lackey
    • Derek Hope
  • Allan Booze: 248-640-4820
  • Brent Wilson: 248-884-2529
  • Victor Lotycz: 313-550-9250
  • Kenneth Quisenberry: 248-760-6000