​Magistrates of the 52-1 District Court perform wedding ceremonies for residents of the court's jurisdiction on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. When available, the court will also schedule out of jurisdiction residents for a Wednesday morning appointment. The parties address must be verified at the time of reservation and will be confirmed at the appointment.

You must call ahead to reserve a date and time (last name, daytime phone number and address required). Appointment times are 11:30am, 3:30pm and 4:00pm based on the court's docket.

Both parties must speak and understand English. If one or both parties do not, a certified foreign language interpreter (with proper documentation) must accompany the parties. Interpreters are not provided by the court.

No special requests/accommodations will be made regarding the ceremony. No decorations or props may be brought in with the exception of a bouquet and/or rings.

On the day of the ceremony you will need to bring with you:

  • Marriage License (expired licenses will not be accepted)
  • Two witnesses over the age of 18 (not provided by the court)
  • $10.00 fee (cash, check or credit {additional fee added})

For Information on obtaining your marriage license, contact the Oakland County Clerks Office​​.

To schedule a ceremony at the 52nd District Court in Novi, please call ​248-305-6080.