Group Tours

In order for your group to visit the District Court, the following policy must be observed:

  1. Group size is limited to no more than thirty (30).
  2. Groups may not appear unsupervised without teacher, instructor or parent.
  3. All groups must pass through metal detection screening. Cellular phones and all other electronic recording devises are prohibited.
  4. When entering/exiting the courthouse or courtroom, please do so in a quiet, orderly fashion. No talking is allowed in the courtrooms and no food or drink is permitted.
  5. Court sessions generally begin at 9:00am.
  6. Groups are requested to be in place at 9:00am. 
  7. The teacher/instructor or parent must report to the Administrator. 
  8. The group should assemble inside the building in the main lobby and will be greeted by the Chief Court Officer. 
  9. The group will be directed to the courtroom(s) in session for observation.
  10. The group is asked to sit in the first row of the courtroom, unless otherwise directed by court personnel.
  11. The District Judges may or may not be able to talk to your group. They have a schedule to follow and will try to meet your needs if possible.
  12. Limited tours are given of the courthouse.
  13. Please keep in mind these limitations will assist with the security of the courthouse and the security of the visitors.