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The 50th District Court is a State of Michigan Court which is administered by three elected District Judges who serve 6 year terms. The current judges of the 50th District Court are:

The District Court has jurisdiction of all City Ordinance violations and State Law Misdemeanors. The Court also conducts Preliminary Examinations of Felony Cases. In Civil matters, this court has jurisdiction of all Civil cases where the amount claimed is up to $25,000.00, Small Claims cases up to $6,000.00, and a Landlord/Tenant division. The Court handles garnishments as well as eviction proceedings, land contract and mortgage foreclosures. In Small Claims matters, litigants agree to waive their rights to a jury, rules of evidence, representation by a lawyer and the right to appeal from the District Judge’​s decision. Small Claims cases are heard by a Judge whose decision is final.

The 50th District Court Probation Department is responsible for the supervision of all individuals placed on Probation by the District Judges. Presently there are nearly 1,500 active cases. 

Juries in District Court are limited to six (6) members (an alternate is selected). In Criminal cases verdicts must be unanimous.

For further information about the Michigan Court System, visit Michigan Supreme Court. 

The Michigan Court System website includes a Self-Help Center.

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